Connecticut - HB 5583 - 2017

Expanding investment eligibility under the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program.

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Economic Development

Added On: 02-27-2017
Updated On: 03-28-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Catherine F. Abercrombie (House/Democratic), Terry B. Adams (House/Democratic), James M. Albis (House/Democratic), Angel Arce (House/Democratic), David Arconti, Jr. (House/Democratic), Joe Aresimowicz (House/Democratic), David A. Baram (House/Democratic), Jeffrey J. Berger (House/Democratic), Patrick S. Boyd (House/Democratic), Christine Conley (House/Democratic), Michelle L. Cook (House/Democratic), Josh Elliott (House/Democratic), Henry J. Genga (House/Democratic), Linda M. Gentile (House/Democratic), Bob Godfrey (House/Democratic), Joseph P. Gresko (House/Democratic), Gregory Haddad (House/Democratic), John K. Hampton (House/Democratic), Susan M. Johnson (House/Democratic), Roland J. Lemar (House/Democratic), Liz Linehan (House/Democratic), Brandon L. McGee Jr. (House/Democratic), Russell A. Morin (House/Democratic), Bruce V. Morris (House/Democratic), Mary M. Mushinsky (House/Democratic), Linda A. Orange (House/Democratic), Chris Perone (House/Democratic), Geraldo C. Reyes Jr. (House/Democratic), Emmett D. Riley (House/Democratic), Matthew Ritter (House/Democratic), Jason Rojas (House/Democratic), Christopher Rosario (House/Democratic), Kim Rose (House/Democratic), Daniel S. Rovero (House/Democratic), Kevin Ryan (House/Democratic), Ezequiel Santiago (House/Democratic), Hilda E. Santiago (House/Democratic), Sean Scanlon (House/Democratic), Caroline Simmons (House/Democratic), Derek Slap (House/Democratic), Steven Stafstrom (House/Democratic), Charlie L. Stallworth (House/Democratic), William Tong (House/Democratic), Diana S. Urban (House/Democratic), Edwin Vargas (House/Democratic), Christopher Ziogas (House/Democratic)

Actions (8)

  • 01-12-2017 - REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Commerce
  • 01-31-2017 - Vote to Draft
  • 02-15-2017 - DRAFTED BY COMMITTEE
  • 02-16-2017 - REF. TO JOINT COMM. ON Commerce
  • 02-17-2017 - PUBLIC HEARING 0223
  • 03-16-2017 - Joint Favorable Substitute
  • 03-17-2017 - FILED WITH LCO
  • 03-27-2017 - REFERRED TO Office of Legislative Research AND Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/03/17