Oklahoma - HB2190 - 2017

Relating to the disposal of deleterious substances; requiring certain metering of certain disposed fluids; requiring the maintenance of certain logs for certain minimum period; requiring logs be made available to certain state agencies; requiring logs include certain minimum information; requiring evidence concerning chain of custody; defining term; stating purpose; levying tax upon disposal of liquid deleterious substances; establishing tax amount per barrel; requiring certain collection of tax; providing schedule for remittance; apportioning collections to certain fund; authorizing the establishment of procedures, forms and applications; creating the Injection Well Indemnity Fund; identifying source of funding; creating a credit against income tax; establishing credit amount on a per-barrel basis; providing qualifying condition; defining term; limiting credit; requiring the development of certain forms and instructions; authorizing the promulgation of rules; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

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Natural Gas Development

Added On: 03-24-2017
Updated On: 08-21-2017
Status: Introduced
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Actions (4)

  • 02-06-2017 - First Reading
  • 02-06-2017 - Authored by Representative Williams
  • 02-07-2017 - Referred to Appropriations and Budget Natural Resources and Regulatory Services Subcommittee
  • 02-07-2017 - Second Reading referred to Appropriations and Budget

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