Oklahoma - SB118 - 2017

Relating to income tax credit; amending 68 O.S. 2011, Section 2357.32A, as amended by Section 2, Chapter 371, O.S.L. 2013 (68 O.S. Supp. 2016, Section 2357.32A), which relates to income tax credits for zero-emission facilities; limiting time period during which certain facilities qualify to claim credit; limiting total amount of certain credit which may be claimed during specified time period; setting annual deadline for certain claims; establishing procedure for Oklahoma Tax Commission to determine certain proportionate share of credit; authorizing certain credits to be claimed under specified circumstance; and providing an effective date.

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Financing and Financial Incentives

Added On: 03-25-2017
Updated On: 08-21-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Roger Thompson (Republican)

Actions (8)

  • 02-06-2017 - Authored by Senator Thompson
  • 02-06-2017 - First Reading
  • 02-07-2017 - Second Reading referred to Appropriations
  • 02-07-2017 - Referred to Appr/Sub-Finance
  • 02-09-2017 - coauthored by Sears (principal House author)
  • 02-21-2017 - Recommendation to the full committee; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Appr/Sub-Finance sub-committee
  • 03-01-2017 - Reported Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Appropriations committee; CR filed
  • 03-01-2017 - Title stricken

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