Nevada - AB401 - 2017

Relating to registration of vehicles; requiring a person registering or renewing the registration of a clean fuel vehicle or a hybrid fuel vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles to pay an additional fee; providing exceptions; providing for the distribution by the Department of the money collected for the additional fees; providing for a credit on the unused portion of the additional fees upon the cancellation or transfer of the vehicle under certain circumstances; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

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Added On: 04-11-2017
Updated On: 08-21-2017
Status: Introduced
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Actions (3)

  • 03-20-2017 - Read first time. Referred to Committee on Transportation. To printer.
  • 03-22-2017 - From printer. To committee.
  • 04-15-2017 - (Pursuant to Joint Standing Rule No. 14.3.1, no further action allowed.)

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