Nevada - SB395 - 2017

Relating to cybersecurity; requiring the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security to designate certain entities, assets or systems as critical infrastructure; requiring the owner or operator of critical infrastructure to develop and implement a cybersecurity plan; requiring an owner or operator of critical infrastructure to have such a cybersecurity plan evaluated by the Commission or an evaluator of cybersecurity; requiring the owner or operator of critical infrastructure immediately report a significant cybersecurity incident to the Commission; prohibiting, with limited exception, the Commission from disclosing proprietary information or specific information indicating a cybersecurity weakness; requiring evaluators of cybersecurity to be licensed; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

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Added On: 04-11-2017
Updated On: 08-21-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Yvanna Cancela (Democratic), Nicole Cannizzaro (Democratic), Moises Denis (Democratic), Aaron Ford (Democratic), Mark Manendo (Democratic), David Parks (Democratic), Julia Ratti (Democratic), Richard Segerblom (Democratic), Patricia Spearman (Democratic), Joyce Woodhouse (Democratic)

Actions (4)

  • 03-20-2017 - Read first time. Referred to Committee on Government Affairs. To printer.
  • 03-22-2017 - From printer. To committee.
  • 04-07-2017 - Notice of eligibility for exemption.
  • 04-15-2017 - (Pursuant to Joint Standing Rule No. 14.3.1, no further action allowed.)

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States 'awaken' to critical infrastructure cyberthreats - E&E News
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Tue, 30 May 2017 11:03:58 GMT

So, to keep the lights on and the slots humming in Sin City, the Democratic state senator from North Las Vegas introduced a bill in March to boost Nevada's oversight of utilities' cybersecurity defenses. The measure stalled after local business groups ...