South Carolina - S600 - 2017

To amend Sections 12-6-510 and 12-6-520 of the 1976 Code, relating to income tax rates, to reduce the number of tax brackets to three and to phase in over six years an increase of the income subject to taxation within each bracket; to amend Section 57-11-20(a), relating to the state highway fund, to establish the infrastructure maintenance fund; to amend Section 12-28-310, relating to the motor fuel user fee, to increase the motor fuel user fee two cents per year over six years for a total of twelve cents; to amend Sections 56-11-410 and 56-11-450(a), both relating to the road tax, to adjust the amount due to account for the increase in the motor fuel user fee; to amend Section 56-3-620, relating to motor vehicle registration fees, to increase the fees due upon registration of a motor vehicle; to amend Article 5, Chapter 3, Title 56, relating to motor vehicle registration and licensing, by adding Section 56-3-645, to impose a road use fee on electric and hybrid motor vehicles…

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Added On: 04-11-2017
Updated On: 07-18-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Sean Bennett (Senate/Republican), George E. Campsen III (Senate/Republican), Mike Gambrell (Senate/Republican), Stephen L. Goldfinch (Senate/Republican), Greg Hembree (Senate/Republican), A. Shane Massey (Senate/Republican), Katrina Frye Shealy (Senate/Republican), Scott Talley (Senate/Republican), William Timmons (Senate/Republican), Ross Turner (Senate/Republican)

Actions (2)

  • 03-30-2017 - Introduced and read first time
  • 03-30-2017 - Referred to Committee on Finance