West Virginia - HB 102 - 2017

Relating generally to increasing the funding for the State Road Fund by increasing Division of Motor Vehicles administrative fees and motor fuel excise taxes; changing the flat rate component of the motor fuel excise tax from 20.5 cents to 25 cents per invoiced gallon of motor fuel and on each gallon equivalent for alternative fuel; increasing the minimum average wholesale price of motor fuels for purposes of the five percent variable fuel tax as of specified date; deleting superfluous language relating to floorstocks; increasing Division of Motor Vehicles administrative fees, including increasing fees for various documents, records, registrations, certificates, titles, liens, releases, transfers, cards, stickers, decals, licenses and plates; requiring payment of certain fee for each attempt at the written and road skills test; increasing said administrative Division of Motor Vehicles fees every five years on September 1 based on the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics most current Consumer Price Index; imposing annual registration fee for certain alternative fuel vehicles; and specifying effective dates.

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Added On: 05-08-2017
Updated On: 05-24-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Tim Miley (House/Democratic)

Actions (4)

  • 05-04-2017 - Introduced in House
  • 05-04-2017 - To House Finance
  • 05-04-2017 - Filed for introduction
  • 05-04-2017 - To Finance