Ohio - HB 225 - 2017

To amend sections 1509.071, 1509.34, and 5747.01 of the Revised Code to allow a landowner to report an idle and orphaned well or abandoned well, to require the Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management to inspect and classify such a well, to require the Chief to begin plugging a well classified as distressed-high priority within a specified time period, and to authorize an income tax deduction for reimbursements paid by the state to a landowner for costs incurred to plug an idle or orphaned well.

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Natural Gas Development

Added On: 05-22-2017
Updated On: 05-24-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Andy Thompson (House/Republican)

Actions (2)

  • 05-15-2017 - Introduced
  • 05-23-2017 - Refer to Committee

Sponsors (21)