South Carolina - H4304 - 2017

To amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by adding Section 58-37-60 so as to provide that "offshore wind resource development activities" means initiatives undertaken by an electrical utility for the long-term advancement of economic development and clean energy benefits resulting from offshore wind, to provide that the South Carolina Public Service Commission may adopt procedures that encourage electrical utilities subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission to invest in offshore wind resource development activities that provide cost recovery for energy suppliers and distributors who invest in offshore wind resource development activities that are reasonably expected to result in economic development from the manufacturing and deployment of offshore wind.

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Added On: 05-23-2017
Updated On: 07-18-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Katherine E. "Katie" Arrington (House/Republican), Todd K. Atwater (House/Republican), Nathan Ballentine (House/Republican), Bruce W. Bannister (House/Republican), Eric M. Bedingfield (House/Republican), Linda "Lin" Bennett (House/Republican), Bart T. Blackwell (House/Republican), Robert L. Brown (House/Democratic), Gary E. Clary (House/Republican), Alan D. Clemmons (House/Republican), William Scott Cogswell, Jr. (House/Republican), J. Derham J. Cole Jr. (House/Republican), Neal A. Collins (House/Republican), Heather Ammons Crawford (House/Republican), Sylleste H. Davis (House/Republican), Gregory D. Duckworth (House/Republican), Jason Elliott (House/Republican), Shannon S. Erickson (House/Republican), Raye Felder (House/Republican), Kirkman Finlay, III (House/Republican), Cally R. "Cal" Forrest (House/Republican), Russell W. Fry (House/Republican), Craig A. Gagnon (House/Republican), Kevin Hardee (House/Republican), Phyllis Henderson (House/Republican), William G. Herbkersman (House/Republican), Lee Hewitt (House/Republican), David R. Hiott (House/Republican), William M. Hixon (House/Republican), Chip Huggins (House/Republican), Jeffrey E. "Jeff" Johnson (House/Republican), Wallace H. "Jay" Jordan, Jr. (House/Republican), Roger K. Kirby (House/Democratic), Dwight A. Loftis (House/Republican), Phillip D. Lowe (House/Republican), James H. Lucas (House/Republican), Peter M. McCoy Jr. (House/Republican), John R. McCravy, III (House/Republican), Christopher J. Murphy (House/Republican), Thomas E. Pope (House/Republican), Joshua A. Putnam (House/Republican), Samuel Rivers, Jr. (House/Republican), J. Gary Simrill (House/Republican), L. Kit Spires (House/Republican), Leonidas E. Stavrinakis (House/Democratic), Bill Taylor (House/Republican), Anne J. Thayer (House/Republican), William W. "Will" Wheeler, III (House/Democratic), Mark N. Willis (House/Republican)

Actions (4)

  • 05-09-2017 - Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry
  • 05-09-2017 - Introduced and read first time
  • 05-10-2017 - Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Murphy
  • 05-11-2017 - Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Brown, Elliott