Indiana - SB0002 - 2017

Joint agency matters. Makes the following changes to the statute concerning joint agencies formed by municipalities for the purpose of undertaking the planning, financing, ownership, and operation of certain projects to supply electric power for present or future energy needs: (1) Eliminates the requirements that for purposes of the statute, a municipality must be located in Indiana. (2) Specifies that a joint agency is considered a governmental entity for purposes of the statute governing tort claims against governmental entities and public employees. (3) Provides that a person may not serve as a commissioner on the board of commissioners of a joint agency on behalf of more than one municipality at the same time. (4) Provides that a contract for the sale or purchase of power and other services from a joint agency may extend for an initial period not exceeding 50 years from the date service is estimated to be first rendered, with additional periods as may be agreed upon by the parties. (Current law provides for a 50 year time limit for any such contract.) (5) Allows a joint agency to contract for, advance, or contribute funds to a joint agency or any member of a joint agency. (Current law provides that only a member of a joint agency may contract for, advance, or contribute funds to a joint agency.) (6) Specifies that a municipality or joint agency may contract for certain projects with respect to distribution facilities (as well as generation and transmission facilities, as provided under current law).


Added On: 12-13-2017
Updated On: 12-13-2017
Status: Enacted
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