Indiana - HB1290 - 2018

Transportation finance. Repeals the motor carrier surcharge tax and increases the special fuel tax by $0.21 per gallon. Distributes part of the special fuel tax revenue to the motor carrier regulation fund. Specifies how netted International Fuel Tax Agreement Clearinghouse refunds and receipts are deposited or credited. Specifies that the commercial vehicle excise tax rate calculation that must be done on or before October 1 of each year is effective on January 1 of the following year. Excludes the transportation infrastructure improvement fee and the supplemental fees for registering electric and hybrid vehicles from the calculation of the commercial vehicle

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Financing and Financial Incentives

Added On: 02-02-2018
Updated On: 02-02-2018
Status: Passed One Chamber
Primary Sponsors: Ryan Mishler (Republican), Edmond Soliday (Republican)

Actions (12)

  • 01-11-2018 - First reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
  • 01-11-2018 - Coauthored by Representative Brown T
  • 01-11-2018 - Authored by Representative Soliday
  • 01-25-2018 - Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means pursuant to House Rule 127
  • 01-25-2018 - Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
  • 01-29-2018 - Committee report: do pass, adopted
  • 01-31-2018 - Second reading: ordered engrossed
  • 02-01-2018 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 136: yeas 89, nays 1
  • 02-01-2018 - Senate sponsor: Senator Mishler
  • 02-01-2018 - Representatives Lindauer and Taylor J added as coauthors
  • 02-02-2018 - Referred to the Senate
  • 02-06-2018 - First reading: referred to Committee on Appropriations

Votes (3)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
01-24-2018House - Committee VoteHouse1201yes
01-29-2018House - Committee VoteHouse1806yes
02-01-2018House - Third readingHouse89110yes

Sponsors (5)