Trends and Analysis

The Center for the New Energy Economy (Center) and Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) are proud to present the Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker (Tracker). The Tracker is a database of advanced energy legislation introduced in all 50 states since 2013, and classified into one of ten policy categories. The Tracker database enables the user to quickly search through bills by state, policy category, keyword, and other searches. Our extensive database also makes possible the analysis of macro advanced energy policy trends, which the Center will publish throughout the year. Below are individual analyses, by policy type, as produced by the staff at the Center.

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Year in Review 

December 2016 -- 2016 Year in Review: State Advanced Energy Legislation

September 2016 -- 2016 State Advanced Energy Legislation: Year-to-Date (To be updated December 2016)

January 5, 2016 -- 2015 Year in Review: State Advanced Energy Legislation 

December 15, 2014 -- 2014 Year in Review of State Advanced Energy Legislation

December 19, 2013 -- 2013 Year in Review -- State Advanced Energy Legislation

Energy Efficiency

April 1, 2015 -- Policy Brief: State Energy Efficiency Legislation

May 21, 2014 -- State Energy Efficiency Legislation in 2014

May 7, 2013 -- Rediscovering the First Fuel: States Advance Energy Efficiency Policy in the 2013 Session

Renewable Portfolio Standards

April 27, 2015 -- 2015 Trends in Renewable Portfolio Standard Legislation 

August 1, 2014 -- 2014 State RPS Legislation Analysis   

July 9, 2013 -- State Renewable Portfolio Standards Hold Steady or Expand in 2013 Session

Legislative Trends Relating to the Clean Power Plan

April 2016 -- 2016 State Legislation Relating to the Clean Power Plan

May 2015 --  2015 State Legislative Activity Related to the Clean Power Plan

Natural Gas

October 2015 -- Trends in State Natural Gas Supply Chain Legislation (2013 – 2015)   

September 17, 2014 -- Trends in State Natural Gas Supply Chain Legislation (2013 – 2014)   

June 6, 2013 -- States Seek to Balance Natural Gas Development with Environment and Local Rights Issues

Other Trends Papers

March 10, 2014 -- 2014 Year-To-Date: State Advanced Energy Legislation

Transportation  August 15, 2014 -- State Motor-Fuel Tax Legislation in 2014

check mark  July 23, 2013 -- State Legislatures Active in Setting Public Utilities Commissions’ Authority in 2013 

financing   May 20, 2013 -- Addressing the Upfront Cost Barrier: States Invest in Finance Policy this Session

  Energy Policy Podcast

Listen:  energy policy podcasts featuring Tom Plant, VP State Policy for Advanced Energy Economy, and Jeff Lyng, Senior Policy Advisor for the Center for the New Energy Economy.  These energy policy podcasts are in partnership between Advanced Energy Economy and the Center for the New Energy Economy.

Our information is free and open, however we ask that if you use our information in any way that you cite the following:  "Information obtained from the Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker, Colorado State University's Center for the New Energy Economy and Advanced Energy Economy."