California - SB1383 - 2016

Short-lived climate pollutants: methane emissions: dairy and livestock: organic waste: landfills.

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Added On: 02-22-2016
Updated On: 09-18-2016
Status: Enacted
Primary Sponsors: Ricardo Lara (Democratic), Das Williams (Democratic)

Actions (25)

  • 02-19-2016 - Introduced. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. To print.
  • 02-22-2016 - From printer. May be acted upon on or after March 23. Read first time.
  • 03-10-2016 - Referred to Com. on E.Q.
  • 03-15-2016 - Set for hearing April 6.
  • 04-11-2016 - From committee: Do pass as amended and re-refer to Com. on APPR. (Ayes 4. Noes 2. Page 3419.) (April 6).
  • 04-12-2016 - Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Com. on APPR.
  • 04-22-2016 - Set for hearing May 2.
  • 05-02-2016 - May 2 hearing: Placed on APPR. suspense file.
  • 05-20-2016 - Set for hearing May 27.
  • 05-27-2016 - From committee: Do pass. (Ayes 5. Noes 2. Page 4009.) (May 27). Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
  • 06-01-2016 - Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 21. Noes 13. Page 4105.) Ordered to the Assembly.
  • 06-02-2016 - In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
  • 06-13-2016 - Referred to Com. on NAT. RES.
  • 06-28-2016 - From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on APPR. (Ayes 6. Noes 1.) (June 27). Re-referred to Com. on APPR.
  • 08-03-2016 - August 3 set for first hearing. Placed on APPR. suspense file.
  • 08-12-2016 - From committee: Do pass as amended. (Ayes 11. Noes 4.) (August 11).
  • 08-15-2016 - Read second time and amended. Ordered to second reading.
  • 08-16-2016 - Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
  • 08-19-2016 - Read third time and amended. (Ayes 46. Noes 22. Page 5990.) Ordered to third reading. Re-referred to Com. on NAT. RES. pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.2.
  • 08-29-2016 - Joint Rule 62(a) suspended.
  • 08-31-2016 - In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending. Re-referred to Com. on RLS. pursuant to Senate Rule 29.10(d). From committee: Be re-referred to Com. on E.Q. pursuant to Senate Rule 29.10(d). (Ayes 5. Noes 0. Page 5591.) Re-referred to Com. on E.Q. From committee: That the Assembly amendments be concurred in. (Ayes 5. Noes 2. Page 5607.) Assembly amendments concurred in. (Ayes 25. Noes 12. Page
  • 08-31-2016 - From committee: Do pass as amended. (Ayes 6. Noes 1.) (August 30). Read second time and amended. Ordered to second reading. Assembly Rule 63 suspended. Ordered to third reading. Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 44. Noes 24. Page 6573.) Ordered to the Senate.
  • 09-07-2016 - Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 11 a.m.
  • 09-19-2016 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 395, Statutes of 2016.
  • 09-19-2016 - Approved by the Governor.

Votes (10)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
04-06-2016Do pass as amended, and re-refer to the Committee on AppropriationsSenate421yes
05-27-2016Do passSenate520yes
06-01-2016Senate 3rd Reading SB1383 LaraSenate21136yes
06-27-2016Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on AppropriationsHouse612yes
08-11-2016Do pass as amendedHouse1145yes
08-19-2016SB 1383 Lara Senate Third Reading Amend By THURMOND Set #1House462212yes
08-30-2016Do pass as amendedHouse612yes
08-31-2016From committee: That the Assembly Amendments be concurred inSenate520yes
08-31-2016SB 1383 Lara Senate Third Reading By THURMONDHouse442412yes
08-31-2016W/O REF. TO FILE SB1383 LaraSenate25122yes

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News (7)

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Thu, 12 Oct 2017 12:52:00 GMT

October 12, 2017 - SACRAMENTO, CA – On Wednesday Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 563, authored by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), which formally establishes a Wood Smoke Reduction Program at the Air Resources Board and helps ...

Methane bill includes some safeguards for Calif. dairies - Capital Press
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A bill to reduce methane emissions from California's dairies and livestock operations is headed to the governor following its passage on the final day of the state Legislature's regular session. SB 1383 would require the state Air Resources Board to ...

Methane-limiting measure heads to Jerry Brown - Sacramento Bee
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Thu, 01 Sep 2016 06:13:28 GMT

Under Senate Bill 1383, the Air Resources Board would have a mandate to cut such emissions by 40 percent. As with ... But SB 1383 squeaked past the finish line with Brown himself making calls to members, marking the final climate fight of a session ...

Lawmakers approve new climate plans to help California's disadvantaged communities - Los Angeles Times
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Thu, 01 Sep 2016 04:33:58 GMT

One of the bills, AB 1550 from Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-Echo Park), would refine guidelines for spending revenues from the state's auction of greenhouse gas pollution credits and would require more money be used to help low-income households. Gomez ...

Governor Brown Signs Nation's Toughest Super Pollutant Restrictions Into Law - monroviaweekly
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Fri, 23 Sep 2016 18:32:46 GMT

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. recently signed SB 1383 by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), which establishes the nation's toughest restrictions on destructive “super pollutants,” including black carbon, fluorinated gases, and methane. If followed ...

Vowing to protect the lungs of Californians, Gov. Brown signs law cracking down on soot and methane - Los Angeles Times
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Mon, 19 Sep 2016 19:11:43 GMT

Gov. Jerry Brown refused on Friday to extend parental leave requirements to Californians who work for some of the state's smallest businesses, saying he worried about the plan's impact. In his final bill actions for the year, Brown vetoed Senate Bill ...

SoCalGas Commends Governor Brown and Senator Ricardo Lara for SB 1383 - PR Newswire (press release)
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Mon, 19 Sep 2016 20:06:58 GMT

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- California Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law Senate Bill 1383, the Short-Lived Climate Pollutants bill, which aims to reduce emissions of potent greenhouse gasses. SB 1383 requires the California Air ...