New York - A1705 - 2017

Establishes the New York state clean energy tech production program as a self-directed program for industrial, commercial and large users in order to stimulate the growth and adoption of more efficient use of energy, greater use of advanced energy management products, deeper penetration of renewable energy resources, wider deployment of "distributed" energy resources, and storage.

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Financing and Financial Incentives

Added On: 03-21-2017
Updated On: 01-11-2017
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: David Buchwald (Democratic), Carrie Woerner (Democratic), Tremaine Wright (Democratic)

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Actions (6)

  • 01-12-2017 - referred to energy
  • 03-17-2017 - print number 1705a
  • 03-17-2017 - amend and recommit to energy
  • 01-03-2018 - referred to energy
  • 01-29-2018 - print number 1705b
  • 01-29-2018 - amend and recommit to energy

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