Indiana - HB1592 - 2017

Automobile sales requirements. Provides that a manufacturer may sell directly to the general public only if the manufacturer was granted its initial license to sell new motor vehicles before July 1, 2015, and has established a warranty repair center in Indiana before January 1, 2018. Provides that a manufacturer may no longer sell directly to the general public if the manufacturer sells, conveys, or transfers a majority interest to another person that is required to be registered under this chapter.

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Added On: 04-05-2017
Updated On: 04-30-2017
Status: Enacted
Primary Sponsors: Michael Crider (Republican), Brandt Hershman (Republican), David Niezgodski (Democratic), Edmond Soliday (Republican), Andy Zay (Republican)

Actions (22)

  • 01-23-2017 - First reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
  • 01-23-2017 - Coauthored by Representative GiaQuinta
  • 01-23-2017 - Authored by Representative Soliday
  • 01-24-2017 - Representatives Morris and Smith, V. added as coauthors
  • 02-02-2017 - Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
  • 02-06-2017 - Representatives Frye and Candelaria Reardon added as coauthors
  • 02-06-2017 - Rule 105.1 suspended
  • 02-06-2017 - Second reading: ordered engrossed
  • 02-07-2017 - Senate sponsors: Senators Hershman, Crider and Niezgodski
  • 02-07-2017 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 81: yeas 77, nays 20
  • 02-08-2017 - Referred to the Senate
  • 02-20-2017 - First reading: referred to Committee on Commerce and Technology
  • 03-14-2017 - Senator Zay added as cosponsor
  • 04-03-2017 - Committee report: do pass, adopted
  • 04-05-2017 - Second reading: ordered engrossed
  • 04-06-2017 - Returned to the House without amendments
  • 04-06-2017 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 427: yeas 43, nays 5
  • 04-17-2017 - Signed by the Speaker
  • 04-18-2017 - Signed by the President Pro Tempore
  • 04-24-2017 - Signed by the President of the Senate
  • 05-01-2017 - Public Law 260
  • 05-01-2017 - Signed by the Governor

Votes (4)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
02-02-2017House - Committee VoteHouse1210yes
02-07-2017House - Third readingHouse78193yes
03-30-2017Senate - Committee VoteSenate802yes
04-06-2017Senate - Third readingSenate4352yes

Sponsors (10)

News (4)

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