Indiana - SB0318 - 2018

Renewable energy standards. Requires an electricity supplier to supply a certain percentage of its total electricity supply from renewable energy resources. Establishes the renewable energy resources fund to receive penalties paid by electricity suppliers that fail to supply electricity from renewable energy resources. Continuously appropriates money in the fund. Requires the utility regulatory commission to adopt guidelines to assist electricity suppliers that participated in the voluntary clean energy portfolio standard (CEPS) program in complying with the new renewable energy standards. Repeals IC 8-1-37 (voluntary CEPS program).

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Electricity Generation

Added On: 02-02-2018
Updated On: 01-04-2018
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Mark Stoops (Democratic)

Actions (2)

  • 01-04-2018 - Authored by Senator Stoops
  • 01-04-2018 - First reading: referred to Committee on Utilities