Indiana - SB0136 - 2018

Workforce ready grant. Provides that an applicant is eligible to receive a high value workforce ready noncredit-bearing grant if the applicant has been accepted for enrollment in a noncredit-bearing credential or similar program that offers a certification or credential upon completion that is approved by the department of workforce development. Provides that the credential or similar program may be offered by any public, private, or nonprofit entity, including a postsecondary educational institution. Provides that the noncredit-bearing credential or similar programs determined to be eligible for the high value workforce ready noncredit-bearing grant may not be limited to programs offered by

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Economic Development

Added On: 02-06-2018
Updated On: 01-03-2018
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Dennis Kruse (Republican), Joseph Zakas (Republican)

Actions (3)

  • 01-03-2018 - Authored by Senator Zakas
  • 01-03-2018 - First reading: referred to Committee on Education and Career Development
  • 01-25-2018 - Senator Kruse added as third author