Indiana - HB1209 - 2018

Enforcement of guaranteed savings contracts. Provides that, for all guaranteed savings contracts, the governing body must provide the attorney general a copy of the executed guaranteed savings contract, preproject energy costs and documentation of stipulated project costs and capital expenditures. Provides that the attorney general shall review all guaranteed savings contracts and supporting documentation every three years. Provides that the attorney general may bring an action to enforce the terms of a guaranteed savings contract and recover the amount owed under the guaranteed savings contract. Provides that a court may award: (1) treble damages; or (2) $25,000; whichever is greater,

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Energy Efficiency

Added On: 11-28-2018
Updated On: 01-08-2018
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: William Friend (Republican)

Actions (4)

  • 01-09-2018 - Authored by Representative Friend
  • 01-09-2018 - First reading: referred to Committee on Government and Regulatory Reform
  • 01-09-2018 - Representative Karickhoff added as coauthor
  • 01-18-2018 - Representative Ober added as coauthor

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