Indiana - HB1470 - 2019

Utility transmission improvements and costs. Amends the statute concerning transmission, distribution, and storage system improvements charges (TDSIC) for electric and gas utilities to provide that for purposes of the statute, "eligible transmission, distribution, and storage system improvements" include: (1) projects that do not include specific locations or exact numbers; and (2) advanced technology investments. Provides that a public utility's required plan under the statute (defined under the new provisions as a "TDSIC plan") must cover a period of: (1) at least five years; and (2) not more than seven years. Requires a utility to update its TDSIC plan at least annually. Provides that an update to a TDSIC plan may include new projects or improvements. Specifies that a targeted economic development project may include a project related to the provision of electric service. Provides that a utility may: (1) terminate a TDSIC plan upon 60 days notice to the utility regulatory commission (IURC); and (2) petition the IURC for approval of a new TDSIC plan. Provides that a utility that terminates a TDSIC plan must petition the IURC for review and approval of the public utility's basic rates and charges with respect to the same type of utility service before the original expiration date of the terminated plan. Provides that eligible transmission, distribution, and storage improvements receiving TDSIC treatment before termination of the plan shall continue to receive TDSIC treatment after termination of the plan until a final order in the public utility's next general rate case is issued. Provides that for purposes of the provision prohibiting the IURC from approving a TDSIC that would result in an average aggregate increase in a public utility's total retail revenues of more than 2% in a 12 month period, the IURC shall consider the combined 12 month revenue impact of the TDSIC approved under the terminated plan and the TDSIC approved under any new TDSIC plan. Changes the amount of time in which the IURC must hold a hearing and issue an order on a public utility's petition for a TDSIC from 90 days to 120 days. Sets forth required findings of the IURC in an order concerning new: (1) projects or improvements; or (2) targeted economic development projects; included in a utility's updated TDSIC plan.

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Added On: 02-12-2019
Updated On: 04-23-2019
Status: Enacted
Primary Sponsors: Mark Messmer (Republican), David Niezgodski (Democratic), Edmond Soliday (Republican), Andy Zay (Republican)

Actions (27)

  • 01-15-2019 - First reading: referred to Committee on Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications
  • 01-15-2019 - Authored by Representative Soliday
  • 01-31-2019 - Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
  • 02-04-2019 - Representatives Manning and Hatfield added as coauthors
  • 02-04-2019 - Amendment #2 (Pierce) failed; voice vote
  • 02-04-2019 - Amendment #3 (Pierce) failed; voice vote
  • 02-04-2019 - Second reading: ordered engrossed
  • 02-04-2019 - Amendment #1 (Pierce) failed; voice vote
  • 02-05-2019 - Senate sponsor: Senator Messmer
  • 02-05-2019 - Representative Jackson added as coauthor
  • 02-05-2019 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 112: yeas 74, nays 19
  • 02-06-2019 - Referred to the Senate
  • 02-27-2019 - First reading: referred to Committee on Utilities
  • 03-18-2019 - Senator Niezgodski added as third sponsor
  • 03-18-2019 - Senator Zay added as second sponsor
  • 03-21-2019 - Committee report: do pass, adopted
  • 03-25-2019 - Amendment #3 (Ford J.D.) failed; Roll Call 304: yeas 10, nays 35
  • 03-25-2019 - Amendment #1 (Ford J.D.) failed; Roll Call 302: yeas 10, nays 35
  • 03-25-2019 - Amendment #2 (Ford J.D.) failed; Roll Call 303: yeas 11, nays 34
  • 03-25-2019 - Second reading: ordered engrossed
  • 03-26-2019 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 334: yeas 33, nays 14
  • 03-28-2019 - Returned to the House without amendments
  • 04-02-2019 - Signed by the Speaker
  • 04-03-2019 - Signed by the President Pro Tempore
  • 04-23-2019 - Signed by the President of the Senate
  • 04-24-2019 - Signed by the Governor
  • 04-24-2019 - Public Law 89

Votes (7)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
01-30-2019House - Committee VoteHouse931yes
02-05-2019Third readingHouse74197yes
03-21-2019Senate - Committee VoteSenate731yes
03-25-2019Senate - Amendment #1 (Ford J.D.) failedSenate10355no
03-25-2019Senate - Amendment #2 (Ford J.D.) failedSenate11345no
03-25-2019Senate - Amendment #3 (Ford J.D.) failedSenate10355no
03-26-2019Senate - Third readingSenate33143yes

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