Indiana - SB0442 - 2019

Underground storage of carbon dioxide. Provides that if a prospective operator of a facility at which carbon dioxide would be stored underground obtains the express consent of pore space owners of at least 51% of the subsurface geologic strata of the tract of land into which carbon dioxide would be injected, the prospective operator may apply for a "pooling order" authorizing the use the pore space of the entire tract of land for the injection and underground storage of carbon dioxide. Require a person applying for a pooling order to pay a fee, provide notice to persons within certain categories,

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Added On: 02-12-2019
Updated On: 01-13-2019
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Jon Ford (Republican)

Actions (8)

  • 01-14-2019 - First reading: referred to Committee on Environmental Affairs
  • 01-14-2019 - Coauthored by Senator Messmer
  • 01-14-2019 - Authored by Senator Ford Jon
  • 01-24-2019 - Senator Zay added as coauthor
  • 01-24-2019 - Senator Doriot added as coauthor
  • 01-29-2019 - Committee report: amend do pass adopted; reassigned to Committee on Appropriations
  • 02-14-2019 - Senator Tallian added as coauthor
  • 02-14-2019 - Senator Niezgodski added as coauthor

Votes (1)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
01-28-2019Senate - Committee VoteSenate830yes

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