Indiana - SB0471 - 2019

Offenses involving critical infrastructure. Repeals the term "key facility" and replaces it with "critical infrastructure facility". Defines "critical infrastructure facility". Provides that a person who, not having a contractual interest in the property, knowingly or intentionally enters the real property of a critical infrastructure facility without the permission of the owner of the critical infrastructure facility or an authorized person commits the offense of critical infrastructure facility trespass. Provides that a person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally damages or defaces property of a critical infrastructure facility commits the offense of critical infrastructure facility mischief. Provides criminal penalties and civil remedies

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Added On: 02-12-2019
Updated On: 02-10-2019
Status: Passed One Chamber
Primary Sponsors: Michael Crider (Republican), Eric Koch (Republican), Edmond Soliday (Republican)

Actions (9)

  • 01-14-2019 - Authored by Senator Koch
  • 01-14-2019 - First reading: referred to Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation
  • 01-29-2019 - Senator Crider added as second author
  • 01-31-2019 - Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
  • 02-05-2019 - Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
  • 02-05-2019 - Amendment #1 (Koch) prevailed; voice vote
  • 02-07-2019 - Third reading: passed; Roll Call 92: yeas 49, nays 0
  • 02-07-2019 - House sponsor: Representative Soliday
  • 02-11-2019 - Referred to the House

Votes (2)

DateMotion (click for details)ChamberCommitteeYes
01-29-2019Senate - Committee VoteSenate702yes
02-07-2019Third readingSenate4901yes