Indiana - SB0499 - 2019

Feed-in tariff for renewable energy facilities. Requires the utility regulatory commission (IURC) to adopt rules to establish an electric utility feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Provides that the rules adopted must do the following: (1) Require all jurisdictional municipally owned electric utilities (utilities) to offer a FIT to eligible customers (including persons that are not existing customers of the electric utility) not later than July 1, 2020. (2) Require utilities, upon the request of an eligible customer, to enter into a contract, for a term of at least 10 years, for the purchase of electricity generated by a renewable energy facility

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Electricity Generation

Added On: 02-12-2019
Updated On: 01-13-2019
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Dennis Kruse (Republican)

Actions (2)

  • 01-14-2019 - Authored by Senator Kruse
  • 01-14-2019 - First reading: referred to Committee on Utilities