Iowa - HF724 - 2019

A bill for an act establishing an agriculture climate adaptation advisory task force and providing for an agriculture climate adaptation report.

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Added On: 04-16-2019
Updated On: 03-11-2019
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Ako Abdul-Samad (Democratic), Marti Anderson (Democratic), Bruce Bearinger (Democratic), Liz Bennett (Democratic), Wesley Breckenridge (Democratic), Timi Brown-powers (Democratic), Dennis Cohoon (Democratic), Karin Derry (Democratic), Molly Donahue (Democratic), Tracy Ehlert (Democratic), John Forbes (Democratic), Ruth Ann Gaines (Democratic), Mary Gaskill (Democratic), Bruce Hunter (Democratic), Charles Isenhart (Democratic), Dave Jacoby (Democratic), Lindsay James (Democratic), Timothy Kacena (Democratic), Jennifer Konfrst (Democratic), Bob Kressig (Democratic), Monica Kurth (Democratic), Jeff Kurtz (Democratic), Vicki Lensing (Democratic), Mary Mascher (Democratic), Heather Matson (Democratic), Charlie McConkey (Democratic), Brian Meyer (Democratic), Todd Prichard (Democratic), Mark Smith (Democratic), Art Staed (Democratic), Sharon Steckman (Democratic), Kristin Sunde (Democratic), Phyllis Thede (Democratic), Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (Democratic), Dave Williams (Democratic), Cindy Winckler (Democratic), Mary Wolfe (Democratic)

Actions (1)

  • 03-12-2019 - Introduced, referred to Agriculture. H.J. 503.