Massachusetts - H4683 - 2020

Authorizing the Water Supply District of Acton to enter into a lease, license or other disposition of land held for water supply purposes for the construction, operation and maintenance of a solar energy generating and energy storage facility

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Electricity Generation

Added On: 05-14-2020
Updated On: 05-26-2020
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: House: Tami Gouveia (D)

Actions (4)

  • 03-05-2020 - Referred to the committee on House Rules
  • 04-15-2020 - Reported, referred to the committee on Joint Rules, reported, rules suspended and referred to the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government
  • 04-30-2020 - Senate concurred
  • 05-26-2020 - Bill reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on House Steering, Policy and Scheduling

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