Michigan - HB6309 - 2020

Businesses: business corporations; benefit corporations; authorize and establish duties of officers and directors.

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Added On: 10-15-2020
Updated On: 10-21-2020
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Julie Brixie (Democratic), John Chirkun (Democratic), Jim Ellison (Democratic), Christine Greig (Democratic), Kyra Bolden (Democratic), Jon Hoadley (Democratic), Rachel Hood (Democratic), Matt Koleszar (Democratic), Padma Kuppa (Democratic), Laurie Pohutsky (Democratic), Jason Sheppard (Republican), William Sowerby (Democratic), Henry Vaupel (Republican)

Actions (4)

  • 10-14-2020 - Referred To Committee On Government Operations
  • 10-14-2020 - Read A First Time
  • 10-14-2020 - Introduced By Representative Christine Greig
  • 10-21-2020 - Bill Electronically Reproduced 10/21/2020