New York - A11120 - 2020

Relates to strengthening of utility storm response and compliance; provides considerations for determining the amount of any penalty to be assessed; authorizes the department of public service to undertake any additional administrative or investigatory actions related to such violation or violations, including but not limited to, service of an administrative complaint, implementation of discovery, interviews, depositions and the holding of evidentiary hearings; establishes a study of municipal takeover of water supply in Nassau county to determine if municipal takeover of the private utility provided water service will better protect the aquifer and provide better and safer service to the residents of Nassau County.

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Added On: 11-09-2020
Updated On: 11-06-2020
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Amy Paulin (Democratic)

Actions (1)

  • 11-06-2020 - referred to corporations, authorities and commissions

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