New York - A01199 - 2021

Relates to the purchase of cleaner vehicles for use by state agencies; defines terms; provides that on and after January 1, 2022, one hundred percent of all new light-duty vehicles purchased by state agencies shall be alternative fuel motor vehicles with the exception of specialty, police or emergency vehicles as designated by the division of the budget; requires the governor's clean vehicle council to prepare a report detailing how such agencies shall purchase, allocate, distribute and utilize bio-diesel in state vehicles; makes related provisions.

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Added On: 02-01-2021
Updated On: 01-07-2021
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Jeffrion Aubry (Democratic), Michael Benedetto (Democratic), Kevin Cahill (Democratic), William Colton (Democratic), Steven Cymbrowitz (Democratic), Jeffrey Dinowitz (Democratic), Steven Englebright (Democratic), Sandra Galef (Democratic), Deborah Glick (Democratic), Richard Gottfried (Democratic), Aileen Gunther (Democratic), Andrew Hevesi (Democratic), Donna Lupardo (Democratic), Daniel O\'Donnell (Democratic), Nick Perry (Democratic), Dan Quart (Democratic), Philip Ramos (Democratic), Linda Rosenthal (Democratic), Kenneth Zebrowski (Democratic)

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  • 01-07-2021 - referred to governmental operations

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