New York - A09798 - 2022

Authorizes the county of Suffolk to alienate certain lands used as parklands to enable Sunrise Wind, LLC to construct, maintain and operate a subterranean conduit and electrical distribution cable system, together with subterranean transition joint bays and link boxes, on county of Suffolk parkland located at Southaven County Park, Smith Point County Park and Smith Point County Marina and appurtenances thereto.

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Added On: 04-15-2022
Updated On: 05-06-2022
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Joseph DeStefano (Republican)

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Actions (3)

  • 04-12-2022 - referred to local governments
  • 05-06-2022 - amend and recommit to local governments
  • 05-06-2022 - print number 9798a