Rhode Island - S2209 - 2022

Parking Facilities And Privileges

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Added On: 05-11-2022
Updated On: 03-10-2022
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsors: Kendra Anderson (Democratic), John Burke (Democratic), Jeanine Calkin (Democratic), Alana DiMario (Democratic), Dawn Euer (Democratic), Meghan Kallman (Democratic), Frank Lombardo (Democratic), Michael McCaffrey (Democratic), Dominick Ruggerio (Democratic), Samuel Zurier (Democratic)

Actions (3)

  • 02-08-2022 - Introduced, referred to Senate Housing and Municipal Government
  • 03-04-2022 - Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration (03/10/2022)
  • 03-10-2022 - Committee recommended measure be held for further study