Texas - HB5190 - 2023

Designating the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) as the entity responsible for the reliable supply of electricity in its interconnected area of responsibility, establishing a fund under ERCOT's control to fund a net 5,000 MWe of "dispatchable" "peaking unit" generating capacity owned by "Independent Power Producers", establishing the payment structure to such "Independent Power Producers" to fund the 5,000 MWe of "dispatchable" "peaking unit" generating capacity, establishing the criteria of operation and performance of the "peaking unit" generating capacity under ERCOT's direct control, and establishing criteria for review of ERCOT's performance in its duty to assure reliability of electricity supply.

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Added On: 06-02-2023
Updated On: 03-24-2023
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Caroline Harris (Republican)

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  • 03-10-2023 - Filed
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  • 03-24-2023 - Referred to State Affairs