New York - A07949 - 2023

Limits the use of fossil fuels in the research or production of energy for purposes of the excelsior jobs program; prohibits businesses engaged in the production, transmission, distribution, transportation or storage of fossil fuels from participation in the START-UP NY program; eliminates property that directly produces, transmits, distributes, transports or stores fossil fuels from qualifying tangible property for purposes of the investment tax credit and the Brownfield redevelopment tax credit; relates to tax on sales of motor fuel and petroleum products and makes conforming changes; relates to the definition of qualified rehabilitation expenditures for purposes of the tax credit for rehabilitation of historic properties; relates to the definition of a qualified emerging technology company; relates to the definition of manufacturer for purposes of the calculation of special tax benefits for qualified New York manufacturers; repeals provisions relating to manufacturing gallonage for purposes of the imposition of certain taxes; repeals provisions relating to reimbursement; repeals provisions relating to a utility credit or reimbursement; repeals provisions relating to an aviation fuel business which services four or more cities; repeals provisions relating to services rendered with respect to certain property; repeals provisions relating to fuel sold to an airline for use in its airplanes.

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Added On: 11-08-2023
Updated On: 09-22-2023
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Jo Simon (Democratic)

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Actions (3)

  • 08-18-2023 - referred to economic development
  • 09-22-2023 - print number 7949a
  • 09-22-2023 - amend (t) and recommit to economic development

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