New York - S07442 - 2023

Enacts the "omnibus renewable energy progress act"; requires state operations to use one hundred percent renewable electricity by two thousand thirty (Part A); exempts payment in lieu of taxes revenue from property tax cap calculations (Part B); requires the office of renewable energy siting to develop a procedure to process any financial security or letter of credit required by the office (Part C); relates to the recycling of solar photovoltaic panels (Part D); directs the New York power authority to propose a minimum of four priority transmission projects to address the areas of highest need on the bulk transmission system (Part E); relates to the endangered and threatened species mitigation bank fund (Part F); exempts renewable energy systems from certain requirements related to energy facilities (Part G); ensures the safe and efficient delivery of materials for the timely construction of major renewable energy facilities in furtherance of the goals mandated by the New York state climate leadership and community (Part H); defines land used in agricultural production for the purposes of an agricultural property tax exemption (Part I); updates climate law goals for energy storage and renewable generation (Part J); establishes a sales tax exemption for energy storage (Part K); relates to residential solar tax credits (Part L); enacts the "solar for all homes and businesses act" (Part M).

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Added On: 11-08-2023
Updated On: 05-25-2023
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Kevin Parker (Democratic)

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