New York - A08291 - 2024

Requires any dealer where bicycles and/or scooters with electric assist, electric-powered or lithium-ion electric batteries are sold at retail or repaired, and/or lithium-ion electric batteries are housed in a storage facility to maintain functional fire protection and suppression measures effective against lithium-ion battery and electrical fires, including but not limited to Class B extinguishers, battery cases, and automatic monitoring and detection; authorizes the secretary of state to promulgate necessary rules and regulations; imposes a fine of willful failure to comply with such provisions.

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Added On: 12-05-2023
Updated On: 01-03-2024
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Christopher Eachus (Democratic)

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  • 11-27-2023 - referred to consumer affairs and protection
  • 01-03-2024 - referred to consumer affairs and protection

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