Alabama - SB164 - 2023

Relating to the Alabama Jobs Act and the Growing Alabama Act; to amend Sections 40-18-370, 40-18-372, 40-18-374, 40-18-375, 40-18-376, 40-18-376.1, 40-18-376.2, 40-18-376.3, 40-18-376.4, 40-18-377, 40-18-378, 40-18-382, 40-18-383, 40-18-417.1, 40-18-417.2, 40-18-417.3, 40-18-417.4, 40-18-417.7, and 40-9B-4.1, Code of Alabama 1975, to extend the Alabama Jobs Act sunset date to July 31, 2028; to increase the annualized cap on outstanding Alabama Jobs Act incentives by twenty-five million dollars each year for five years up to four hundred seventy-five million dollars; to increase the investment tax credit transfer time to provide that the first five years of the investment credit may be transferred by the incentivized company and applied by another person or company under the Alabama Jobs Act; to extend the Growing Alabama Act sunset date to July 31, 2028, to increase the annual cap on funding approved pursuant to the Growing Alabama Act to thirty-five million dollars; to remove certain programs from the Growing Alabama Act for the transfer to Innovate Alabama.

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Economic Development

Added On: 01-10-2024
Updated On: 04-04-2023
Status: Introduced
Primary Sponsor: Greg Reed (Republican)

Actions (2)

  • 04-04-2023 - Read First Time in House of Origin
  • 04-04-2023 - Introduced and Referred to Senate Finance and Taxation Education